Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ben Affleck/David Cook review

Cold Open: Fantastic premise! John McCain was excellent, and maybe stole the show from Tina Fey. Strike that, no maybe about it, he was awesome. My particular favourite? The plates commemorating the ten town hall debates that Obama refused to participate in.

Monologue: A little short and uneventful. I've become accustomed to celebrity cameos and glitzy monologues these past couple of weeks, so this one fell a little flat for me.

Jar Glove: Yes, it's a repeat from the Michael Phelps episode. Still amusing, but not nearly as funny as the first time.

The View: Very good. Only, I wish they had done a little more with the sketch than just have each character essentially repeat their catchphrases. All of the impressions were spot-on though, even Kenan's. Also, props must be given to Casey Wilson's impression of Jennifer Aniston, which while it was lost in this sketch and really had no place in it, was still great. The best I've seen from Casey so far, good work!

Countdown with Keith Olberman: Best sketch of the night! It painted Keith Olbermann as being deranged and mentally unstable. It ran a little long, but Ben Affleck's delivery just made it! He smirked a few times, but honestly I don't know how he made it through the entire sketch and not crack up. His personal comment addressing Mr. Lieberstein was classic. Absurd and bizarre. Just the way I like it!

Target Lady: The best Target Lady sketch in a while. This time saw a cheesy UPS man with corn-rows hit on Target Lady, much to both her dismay and delight!
"Can I scan you? Just like I thought! Priceless!"

Giraffes: This was a message from Staten Island Zoo, that presented a student-made video about giraffes. Much like the Sloths sketch before it, it was hilarious. Some information I did not know about giraffes : They come from outer space, vampire blood runs through their veins. Who knew SNL was so educational?

David Cook: n/a
Yeah, I didn't watch it.

Weekend Update: Best one in a while actually. I'm really warming up to Seth Meyers who has proved himself to be an extremely competent solo anchor. Guest commentators included Aunt Linda, John McCain and two brothers who sang a song about voting machines, which was hilarious.

Night School Musical: Wasn't as good as it could have been, and the music drowned out the lyrics, so I could hardly hear what they were singing about.

How to Get the Fire Back in Your Marriage DVD: This was one of those sketches that was cringey and disgusting, but you couldn't help but laugh at it. Kenan played an old man who released a DVD providing love-making tips for the older couple. And they showed examples. Oh, they showed examples.

Pitching a Movie: Bill Hader's only appearance tonight, and it was gold, absolute gold. He played the emo brother to Ben Affleck's emotionally stable character. Both were pitching a coming-of-age tale but Bill's character Stefan also introduced some lude elements into his pitch, including "diaper people". Has to be seen, best character of the night!

Bierhoff Brother's House of German Coats: 8/10 Fred Armisen and Ben Affleck played the Bierhoff brothers who were selling coats to german tourists, which had a wide array of accessories. They could even be used as a tent. Pretty funny. Ben Affleck's German accent really did it for me.

Overall, this was a good solid episode. Ben Affleck blended into the cast seamlessly, and I have to say it almost became The Ben Affleck Show. Some cast members were hardly seen, like Bill Hader, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond, Bobby Moynihan, and Jason Sudeikis. So, hope to see more of them, and maybe a little less of Fred Armisen, whom I love, but I'm getting a little too much of.

Favourites : Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Movie Pitch, Weekend Update

Live from New York, It's Saturday Night, with host Paul Rudd/Beyonce

Yes, our prayers have been answered and Mr. Rudd of Knocked Up, Friends, Clueless, Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame will host SNL November 15th.

Beyonce will be musical guest, but whatever, PAUL RUDD!