Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bradley Cooper Promos

Monday, February 2, 2009

Steve Martin/Jason Mraz Review

Obama/Biden Open - Pretty lame cold open. The stand-out moment for me was when Obama said "I just couldn't pick Hilary." Otherwise, there just wasn't much going on this.

Steve Martin Monologue -Solid jokes, didn't go on for too long. Brought that Steve Martin-ness quality that I so love.

Chewable Pampers - Stupid, stupid, stupid. Commercial parodies haven't been funny in a while though, so I had low expectations anyway.

Squares at Sports Bar - I know people have been criticising Kristen's characters in recent weeks, but I actually love these two characters, and I thought Steve did a great job also.
"Excuse me little girl, his feet are barking."

Lasers Cats 4Ever - The joke is starting to wear a little thin. I was looking forward to an original digital short with Steve this week, and not a rehash of Laser Cats. That said, it did have its moments, and I liked the part in the opening credits with Steve Martin's photo and the caption "Executive Producer : Steve Martin."
If Laser Cats returns for a fifth time though...

Issues - It may have been silly, but I did genuinely laugh at this sketch. I thought Kenan did a good job, and I just about lost it when Steve Martin came out with his man-boobs. The sketch didn't drag on for too long, and had a steady stream of laughs.

Lonely Bernie Madoff - This was the worst sketch I've seen this season. What was funny? Did this kill at dress rehearsal, or why was it included? I don't think I even smirked, let alone laugh.

Female Castmembers Love Steve Martin - Loved it, loved it, loved it. That's all I have to say. That, and Abby Elliott has a killer voice.

Jason Mraz 1 - He sounded good live and everything, but I dislike his music.

Weekend Update - Best one in a while. Seth was on a roll tonight, the laughs were consistent, all the characters were funny. Props to Abby Elliott for a fantastic Angelina Jolie impression, which was one of the highlights of the show for me. Also, glad to see SNL were unperturbed by the controversy around the David Paterson sketch a few weeks ago. Even if it is a little politically incorrect, I love it.

Thomas! - Nonsense sketch. Only line that made me laugh was "Thomas, I found a dead balloon."

Steve Martin Plays Late for School - People have been complaining about this one on message boards and such. But you know what? I loved it! It was quintessential Steve Martin, and frankly, I would have been disappointed had the banjo not made an appearance. And the song was cute and catchy. So kudos!

ESPN Classic: Billy the Gun - This was great, and featured the only appearances of the night from Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan and Darrell Hammond. This was hilarious, and a really well made video short. Best of the night?

Jason Mraz 2 - Didn't watch n/a

Overall comment:
I had low expectations for this show having read other viewer's reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked this episode, and while there were a few stinkers, there were a few really funny ones that people have overlooked in their criticisms. I love Steve Martin anyway, and I loved his monologues with all his Steve Martin-y jokes, and there was a sketch with singing. I love singing!
In short, I liked it. It wasn't the best one of the season, but in comparison to Rosario Dawson's, it was a masterpiece.

-Abby Elliott was on fire tonight! Quickly becoming one of my favourites.
-Andy must have been busy with Incredibad publicity?
-TV On The Radio next week, hooray!
-Where were Michaela Watkins and Bobby Moynihan?
-Casey Wilson did a good job tonight!
-Steve Martin is super-good at the banjo.
-Colbie Caillat is pronounced differently to what I thought.

SNL Photo Gallery

The NBC website have added a really cool new feature on the website. It's a photo gallery that includes stills from recent shows, AND stills from recent dress rehearsals.
Like, on the Hugh Laurie photo album there is a still of a sketch of Clancy T. Bacleratt and Jackie Snad singing Christmas songs. Now why didn't that made it to air?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Live From New York, It's Saturday Night Live -

With your host Alec Baldwin!

Yes, Alec Baldwin shall host SNL on February 14th with musical guest Jonas Brothers.

MacGruber Pepsi Commercials

During the live broadcast of SNL last night, NBC aired three Pepsi commericals that featured none other than MacGruber.
While I do think its a little weird of NBC to pimp out MacGruber to a multi-billion dollar company like Pepsi, the commericals are pretty funny. So enjoy!

Bradley Cooper/TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio were confirmed as musical guests on last night's show!

They're one of my favourite bands, so even if next week sucks,
they'll be killer.

Steve Martin/Jason Mraz

Haven't watched the show yet, but irate message board users are calling it one of the worst of the season.

What did you think?