Saturday, September 26, 2009

Megan Fox/U2

Please post your thoughts on the show here after it's aired.

Favourite sketch? Shaky/solid start to season 35? How was Megan Fox - good a la Anne Hathaway or bad a la Rosario Dawson?
Comment, comment, comment!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SNL Weekend Update Thursday

Don't forget to tune into SNL Weekend Update Thursday tonight on NBC at 8.00PM ET where once again Amy Poehler will be co-anchoring at the Weekend Update newsdesk!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Megan Fox/U2 Promo

Display of natural comic ability - check.
Nice rapport with cast - check.

Megan Fox may not be so bad a host after all?

Seth Meyers on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seth Meyers on Late Night with Jimmy Falon

Tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight where Seth Meyers will be appearing as a guest!
Also, tune into The Jay Leno Show where his co-anchor Amy Poehler will be appearing!

As per usual, vids will be posted here tomorrow.

Outstanding Writing for A Variety Show Emmy Vid

Check out this nice little nominees video that aired during the Primetime Emmys on Sunday. It's for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Show and in order to list out all the writers from each show, each nominated show puts together a funny little short listing the names. SNL's is at the very end & features one-time SNL host Brian Williams.

Madonna on SNL

The ever-trustworthy internet is reporting that Madonna could be all set to appear on SNL at some point this season. Producers are apparently keen to have her host & perform, though it's likely she'll just do one or the other.

Now this is a show I'd like to see happen!

What do you think the likelihood is of Madonna hosting? Would you like to see the Queen of Pop host for the night? How about a Madonna (Wiig) v. Madonna face-off? Ooh, the possibilities!

Celebuzz Interview with Lonely Island

Check out this interview with The Lonely Island from Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards.

Rob Pattinson to Host SNL?

Maybe, maybe not, but at the Emmy awards, Seth Meyers told E! that SNL would love to get Rob Pattinson to come host the show.

"We're actually hoping if [Rob's] not available, at least his hair will come by and host," Meyers added.

I understand that a show hosted by Rob Pattinson would do great ratings-wise but I just cannot see Edward Cullen being funny in a sketch comedy environment.

What do you think? Should SNL get Robert Pattinson to host or should they leave that ship sail?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Commiserations.. SNL who did not receive any Emmys at lasy night's awards show despite being nominated for five major ones. Kristen Wiig & Amy Poehler lost out to Kristen Chenoweth (who I bet on in last night's post) while The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took Best Writing & Best Variety wins. I'm not 100% sure on who won Best Song but it certainly wasn't Motherlover.

Oh well, always next season!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Luck @ the Emmys!

Just wishing SNL luck at the Emmy Awards tonight where they are up for multiple awards including Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig), Best Song (Motherlover - JT/Lonely Island) Best Writing for A Variety/Comedy Series & Best Variety/Comedy Series. They are competing against the Comedy Central boys in the latter categories, not to mention Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien & Real Time with Bill Maher.

If I'm being honest I really hope that Kristen Wiig wins the Emmy, but my gut feeling says that Amy Poehler will take it as she submitted the Josh Brolin episode (with the infamous Sarah Palin rap). I'm thinking Emmy voters will recognise her past contributions to the show over Kristen's anchoring of the show last season. If neither of them win, I'm betting on Kristen Chenoweth to take it.

Do you think Amy & Kristen stand a chance at taking the Emmy? Who do you think deserves it more? Should Amy's past contributions be recognised or should Kristen's work as SNL's resident workhorse last season be rewarded?

Seth Meyers Interview

Here's a neat little interview that Seth Meyers did with his alma-mater newspaper North by Northwestern to discuss how he got to where he was & even about making fun of Obama.