Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gabby Sidibe hosting SNL!

Posted over a month ago - my wish for Gabby Sidibe to host SNL.

Looks like someone at SNL's booking department listened, because it's been announced that she's hosting! No word on date but I would hazard a guess and say it's after Ryan Phillippe's and before Betty White's!

Love Gabby, love SNL - this is gonna be ridic.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight where SNL's Fred Armisen will be appearing as a guest!
Videos up tomorrow as per usual.

Andy Samberg for What's Your Number?

According to EW, Andy Samberg will star in the upcoming Anna Faris comedy "What's Your Number?"
Samberg, along with Zachary Quinto will play the ex-boyfriends of Faris' character, a "woman who realizes she has just slept with her 20th guy, well above the national average of 10. Determined not to go past No. 20, she takes off across America on a tour of her former lovers trying to find which, if any, she'll find true love with."
Samberg + Quinto + Faris = YES.

Monday, March 29, 2010

SNL Writers Working on Tracy Morgan Comedy

Warner Bros. has decided that it wants more Tracy Morgan movies, and it has decided to recruit SNL writers Colin Jost and Rob Klein to write a comedy entitled ID Theft, based on a pitch by Kristofor Brown in which Tracy Morgan would star as a strapped-for-cash dad who sees a way out of his current struggle when a credit card belonging to a suburban dad lands in his lap.
You might remember that another SNL writer John Mulaney was working on a script for Morgan with Nick Kroll. That's still going ahead, but is undergoing rewrites by the writers of Blades of Glory as Mulaney & Kroll were all booked up.


Hannibal Buress Interview

Check out this interview  and this article with/about SNL writer/comedian Hannibal Buress in which he discusses writing for SNL, some of his failed sketch ideas ("fedora basketball") and of course his stand-up.

Quote from Seth Meyers -
Meyers, however, says it's tough for any writer during the first year. "I'm in my ninth year and it's still hard. With that said, Hannibal is great at the rewrite table and adds a lot of value to the weekly process. He's also, bar none, the funniest person in pitch on Monday, which is no small task."

For anyone unfamiliar with Buress' stand-up, do yourself a favour and check out his stuff on YouTube.