Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Official

Anne Hathaway will host next week with musical guest The Killers!

Sounds like an awesome show :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas on Mars

A new film involving the Flaming Lips and also starring Fred Armisen is released.
Christmas on Mars is reviewed in Variety here:

Some Pointless Gossip

Drew Barrymore was like totally caught making out with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl which, oh my god, is the best show ever, at a Saturday Night Live after-party.
Oh my god, juicy.

Live From New York, It's Saturday Night with your host:

Jon Hamm/Coldplay

Mad Men star Jon Hamm is slated to host SNL on October 25th.
Should be interesting!

Meanwhile October 4th is believed to be Anne Hathaway. Haven't heard any word on the musical guest yet though.

E-mail me with any info you might have :

In other news:

Republicans need to take a chill pill, and get a sense of humour.

I'm talking about this:

"Since the show was aired, the internet has been alive with outrage from mostly right-wing bloggers. Some of the rants are ridiculous -- "Some Believe Obama Responsible for SNL Skit" -- but most others reveal their disgust. Conservative blogger Rudytooty wrote, "Accusing Todd Palin of incest is unconscionable. I don't think a joke about (Joe's Biden's wife) Jill Biden doing her sons would go over too well. How about Barack Obama doing his daughters?" "

Apparently people are upset about the New York Times sketch that aired the other night about journalists digging for dirt on Palin. And how anyone could read that as a direct accusation of incest and not as merely making fun of investigative reporters and the lengths they will go to in order to get a story is beyond me.

Sarah Palin may appear on SNL

Many news outlets namely & are reporting that Sarah Palin may appear on SNL.
Could a reincarnation of the Hillary Clinton/Amy Poehler sketch be in the works?
According to OK! Magazine, sources say that she may appear and get her own revenge on Tina Fey. Her security reportedly took a thorough walk-through Rockefeller Center on Wednesday, so perhaps her appearance could be this weekend?

Watch this space.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Al Franken controversy

If any of you watched SNL over the weekend, you may have seen the cold open, a sketch that satirized John McCain's approval of even the most idiotic, over-the-top campaign ads. Well, Al Franken, a former SNL writer who is now running for senate in Minnestota, had a part in the sketch, and this has angered some Republicans.
From the Huffington Post:

A Franken campaign aide said the candidate had been taping an ad earlier in the week and had wondered out loud how McCain could include the disclaimer candidates are required to include in their commercials — "I'm John McCain, and I approved this message" — when his spots were so "over the top."
Later that day, Franken talked to Michaels about topics unrelated to the show and mentioned his thought but did not suggest a sketch.
However, Michaels talked to Meyers about Franken's idea and the current writer, believing there was a funny sketch there, called his predecessor and they discussed it further.
Meyers then wrote it up.

Tina Fey fought not to do Sarah Palin:


LOS ANGELES - Tina Fey just scored a Best Actress Emmy for playing frazzled head writer Liz Lemon on “30 Rock,” but it was the thought of playing Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” a week ago that left the comedian herself frazzled.
On the Emmy red carpet, Fey revealed to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush she actually refused to play her political look-a-like when it was first proposed.
“I was fighting them all week on it,” Fey said. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to do it, I’m not an impressionist.’ I kept telling (‘SNL’ producer) Lorne (Michaels), ‘No! I’ll show up ... I’ll do anything except play her. I can’t do it.’ Then, I was worn down. Lorne wore me down by the end of the week.”

Fey, whose “30 Rock” also picked up the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, Best Writing for a Comedy Series, and Best Actor (for co-star Alec Baldwin), said she was fortunate the figurehead she had to impersonate had an unusual accent.
“Sarah Palin has a crazy voice. I would say, not since ‘Sling Blade’ has there been a person who’s really easy to imitate, so I got really lucky on that one,” Fey said.
While Gov. Palin herself reportedly enjoyed the impersonation, John McCain advisor Carly Fiorina called Fey’s portrayal “sexist.” So what did Tina think about that response? Apparently, not much.
“I saw one lady trying to form a thought that it was sexist on the news but she didn’t get it together, probably because she was a lady and she was dumb,” Fey said. “Wait is that sexist?”
In related news, as previously reported on, Oprah Winfrey recently filmed a cameo for “30 Rock,” and Fey told Billy Bush having the TV talk show queen on set was simply “delightful.”
“Whenever anyone would say, ‘Who is your dream person?’ I would always say, ‘Oprah! Oprah!’” Fey said. “Somehow we convinced her to do it. I think (Oprah’s best friend) Gayle helped talk her into it and then she came and shot with us and she was delightful!”

And Jennifer Aniston, who also appears on this season’s “30 Rock,” made the set another thrilling experience for the cast and crew.
“They were very happy to have a real TV star on our show,” Fey laughed. “She was great, too ... She plays an old Chicago roommate of mine and Jane Krakowski’s character. We have a name for her that you can’t really say on TV.”

No Emmy love for SNL

SNL did not win a single Emmy at last night's awards show. It was nominated for direction, writing, bext variety series, best performance by an individual (variety series), and best supporting actress.
It lost the writing award to The Colbert Report, and the title of best variety series to Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Amy Poehler lost the award to the, in my opinion, wholly undeserving Jean Smart. I'm not saying this out of bias, but I thought that all of the other nominees were more deserving of this accolade. Kristin Chenoweth gives a terrific performance in Pushing Daisies, and if Amy were to lose to anyone, it should have been her.
Tina Fey lost the award for Best Performance in a Variety Series to the ever-warm Don Rickles. If anyone missed Don, look him up on YouTube or something, he was brilliant!

Oh well, perhaps next year SNL will capture the elusive Emmy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

James Franco/Kings of Leon - Review

Okay, so last night's episode was a very consistent and funny episode. Let's review it sketch-by-sketch:

Cold Open: Loved it! Commercials were hilarious! "Barack Obama wants universal healthcare. Healthcare for the entire universe? Even Osama Bin Laden?" Bill Hader absolutely rocked this sketch. :)

Monologue: Pretty funny. Definitely better than last week's. Jason was awesome as the Columbia student. :)

Cougar Den: Excellent! I loved James Franco's emo guy. And, yay Cameron Diaz! :D

Agent 420: It had its moments, but it fell a little flat and felt sort of incomplete. Not one of the best.

OJ Trial: Worst of the night? I don't know what they were really trying to do with this sketch. It just seemed rushed and like it had no ending, :/

Digital Short: I really liked this, primarily because I watch a lot of things on the CW (my guilty pleasures) and this was a great take-off on all those shows. And Blake Lively's appearance was gold.

Kings of Leon: Pretty incredible. Big improvement on Lil Wayne last week.

Weekend Update: I don't think I've ever laughed so much at Weekend Update. I think they were all just having a good time on it. I loved Fred Armisen's impression of the American Apparel CEO. Best character on WU in a long time. Brilliant.

NY TIMES: This was good enough. It had its moments, but it kind of dragged on. I loved the epilogue at the end though.

Of Mice and Men: Witty sketch. Bobby Moynihan again stole the sketch. I'm liking this new guy a lot.

Yankee Stadium Brilliant! I wish they'd do more of this sort of thing on SNL. So simple, but hilarious! More Rosie Perez and Martin Scorcese!

Wilem Defoe Sketch Excellent also! They needed a Spiderman reference. And this was gold. It was great to see Bill feature sort of predominantly in more than one sketch, as he has not been getting a lot of face time lately.

I think that's them all. Overall, v.good episode! James Franco was good host. But he did not open his eyes once, I noticed.

Next week: Anna Faris/Duffy