Monday, September 22, 2008

Al Franken controversy

If any of you watched SNL over the weekend, you may have seen the cold open, a sketch that satirized John McCain's approval of even the most idiotic, over-the-top campaign ads. Well, Al Franken, a former SNL writer who is now running for senate in Minnestota, had a part in the sketch, and this has angered some Republicans.
From the Huffington Post:

A Franken campaign aide said the candidate had been taping an ad earlier in the week and had wondered out loud how McCain could include the disclaimer candidates are required to include in their commercials — "I'm John McCain, and I approved this message" — when his spots were so "over the top."
Later that day, Franken talked to Michaels about topics unrelated to the show and mentioned his thought but did not suggest a sketch.
However, Michaels talked to Meyers about Franken's idea and the current writer, believing there was a funny sketch there, called his predecessor and they discussed it further.
Meyers then wrote it up.

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