Monday, September 22, 2008

No Emmy love for SNL

SNL did not win a single Emmy at last night's awards show. It was nominated for direction, writing, bext variety series, best performance by an individual (variety series), and best supporting actress.
It lost the writing award to The Colbert Report, and the title of best variety series to Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Amy Poehler lost the award to the, in my opinion, wholly undeserving Jean Smart. I'm not saying this out of bias, but I thought that all of the other nominees were more deserving of this accolade. Kristin Chenoweth gives a terrific performance in Pushing Daisies, and if Amy were to lose to anyone, it should have been her.
Tina Fey lost the award for Best Performance in a Variety Series to the ever-warm Don Rickles. If anyone missed Don, look him up on YouTube or something, he was brilliant!

Oh well, perhaps next year SNL will capture the elusive Emmy.

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