Sunday, September 21, 2008

James Franco/Kings of Leon - Review

Okay, so last night's episode was a very consistent and funny episode. Let's review it sketch-by-sketch:

Cold Open: Loved it! Commercials were hilarious! "Barack Obama wants universal healthcare. Healthcare for the entire universe? Even Osama Bin Laden?" Bill Hader absolutely rocked this sketch. :)

Monologue: Pretty funny. Definitely better than last week's. Jason was awesome as the Columbia student. :)

Cougar Den: Excellent! I loved James Franco's emo guy. And, yay Cameron Diaz! :D

Agent 420: It had its moments, but it fell a little flat and felt sort of incomplete. Not one of the best.

OJ Trial: Worst of the night? I don't know what they were really trying to do with this sketch. It just seemed rushed and like it had no ending, :/

Digital Short: I really liked this, primarily because I watch a lot of things on the CW (my guilty pleasures) and this was a great take-off on all those shows. And Blake Lively's appearance was gold.

Kings of Leon: Pretty incredible. Big improvement on Lil Wayne last week.

Weekend Update: I don't think I've ever laughed so much at Weekend Update. I think they were all just having a good time on it. I loved Fred Armisen's impression of the American Apparel CEO. Best character on WU in a long time. Brilliant.

NY TIMES: This was good enough. It had its moments, but it kind of dragged on. I loved the epilogue at the end though.

Of Mice and Men: Witty sketch. Bobby Moynihan again stole the sketch. I'm liking this new guy a lot.

Yankee Stadium Brilliant! I wish they'd do more of this sort of thing on SNL. So simple, but hilarious! More Rosie Perez and Martin Scorcese!

Wilem Defoe Sketch Excellent also! They needed a Spiderman reference. And this was gold. It was great to see Bill feature sort of predominantly in more than one sketch, as he has not been getting a lot of face time lately.

I think that's them all. Overall, v.good episode! James Franco was good host. But he did not open his eyes once, I noticed.

Next week: Anna Faris/Duffy

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