Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael Phelps/Lil Wayne

Okay, so I have not been updating this mainly because I am sick and back @ school. But here's a little review of what I thought of the season premiere:

Cold Open: This was absolutely terrific. Fey got Sarah Palin down to a tee. I liked that it wasn't totally anti-Palin, but that it got its message across pretty clearly. Seth Meyers wrote this one with input from Fey & Poehler, so props to them for getting the season off to a magnificent start!

Monologue: I rarely like the monologues anyway. The only one I enjoyed from last season was Steve Carell's. But yeah, this wasn't great. Nice appearance from Shatner though!

Quiz Bowl: I enjoyed this one. Everyone was great, especially Kristen and Will Forte.
"What started the first World War?"
"Boys and girls swimming together?"

Glove commercial: A little over-the-top but Kristen's facial expressions were priceless. It's no Annuale though.

Inspirational Song: Had I not seen the Peyton Manning one, this would have been good. But it just felt so recycled, and like they hardly changed anything. And Michael Phelps is not as good a dancer as Peyton Manning. Sorry.

Lil Wayne : Skipped this. Oops.

Weekend Update: Pretty good start. I liked Cathy and Nicholas Fehn a lot. However I hope they don't overuse either this season.

The Charles Barkley Show: I don't really know why they did this. To give Kenan more airtime perhaps? Whatever the reason, this was the worst sketch of the night.

Unos Waiter: I LOVED THIS. Bobby Moynihan is absolutely awesome, and certainly proved himself to me in this sketch. Dearly hope it won't be a recurring character and they can leave it alone, but it's inevitable it will turn up again.
"We have over 4 different flavours of soda!"

Kids at Bosses Party : Wasn't as funny as the Seth Rogen one, but the part where Stacia lifts the yodelling doll and Michael was was lifting weights had me in stitches.

Digital Shorts :Pretty poor in comparison with The Lonely Island's previous efforts. Wish they hadn't tailor-made it especially for Michael. Didn't really work. Hopefully, it'll be better next week.

T-Mobile 5 : Very funny. Great concept. Everyone did well in this sketch. And was it just me or did it appear that Kristen was wearing a prosthetic nose?

Michael Phelps Diet: This was awesome, but I wish that Michael hadn't fluffed up his lines at one point.

It was a pretty decent season opener. Michael did pretty well seeing as how he isn't any kind of performer. I thought he was pretty good in some of the sketches, and so will not be subjecting him to the harsh criticism others have been.
As Lorne Michaels said, it takes the crew a while to get into the swing of things, so I'm excited to

NEXT WEEK : James Franco/Kings Of Leon

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