Saturday, November 6, 2010

David Beckham to host SNL?

That's what British tabloid The Mirror is reporting today. The newspaper reports that SNL producers have offered a hosting gig to the LA Galaxy soccer star after they were allegedly wowed by his comic chops having seen him participate in a hidden camera segment on Ellen Degeneres' show last week. Beckham has agreed provisionally to host SNL early 2011.

View the video of the Ellen segment after the jump and see if you are as impressed by Beckham's comic chops as SNL apparently was. (Click through)

SNL featured players in EW

Check out Taran Killam, Jay Pharoah, Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly. 

Follow Taran Killam on Twitter -

It has come to my attention that SNL featured player Taran Killam is on Twitter. You can follow him here.
Sample tweet -

"Amy Poehler = insane talent X unbelievable niceness / butterflies + kitten sneezes."

Friday, November 5, 2010

Abby Elliott in No Strings Attached

So, I happened to view the trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy No Strings Attached this morning and was pleasantly surprised to briefly see SNL's Abby Elliott toward the end of the trailer. No Strings Attached is about two friends who decide to enter a "friends with benefits" type deal but soon fall for each other. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman play the lead roles, while the ensemble cast is comprised of people like Greta Gerwig, Olivia Thirlby, Cary Elwes, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Kline and Ludacris. 
No Strings Attached hits theaters January 21Trailer embedded after the jump.


I've received a request for the Season 17 cast and crew photo - similar to this one from Season 35. The request is from someone who formerly worked at SNL, so if you or anyone you know can be of assistance in providing a scan of the photo or if you know how to obtain a copy, please e-mail me at 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hall Pass Trailer (VIDEO)

Embedded below is the newly-released trailer for the upcoming comedy "Hall Pass", which stars Jason Sudeikis alongside Owen Wilson. The film marks Sudeikis' first time as a leading man. Enjoy!

SNL season box sets discontinued?

From -

"We get a LOT of e-mails from our readers, asking whether season sets of Saturday Night Live will continue or not. Fans have been treated to at least one each year, usually available around the holidays, for several years in a row now. All-in-all, five season sets have been released so far.

However, no season set SNL titles have been announced for any time in 2010. So we checked in with Broadway Video (the people behind the show) to ask about this, and they told us that unfortunately, due to the high music costs (and an unwillingness to deliver the season sets without the music segments), they will not be able to continue with any further season set releases. We presume that this is why we’re seeing a large number of ”best-of’ titles released this year instead, including “expanded” versions of old titles, collection packs of the old versions of those titles, plus brand-new releases such asThe Best of 09/10 and A Very Gilly Christmas…but no season sets."

Well, that's disappointing.

Seth Meyers at launch party

Seth Meyers was in attendance at the launch party of culture website Photos after the jump. At the party, NYMag caught up with Meyers to grill him about his internet habits. When asked about how much time he spends online, Meyers said, ""How much time do I spend online every day? It's probably an embarrassingly high number, but I'll say two hours." NYMag then proceeded to ask Meyers about consuming online porn. Meyers remained coy on the subject before offering, ""Here's the deal, I'm really into politics, so probably, like, to me, that's my pornography. Reading about, like, the Nevada Senate race, that's as hardcore porn as you get." His favourite sites include Slate, Salon, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Mag and Pitchfork. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jon Hamm/Rihanna - Thoughts

Share your thoughts on last night's episode of SNL. How did Jon Hamm fare in his third stint as host? Favourite sketch? MVP of the show?

Comment, comment, comment!