Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seth Meyers at launch party

Seth Meyers was in attendance at the launch party of culture website Photos after the jump. At the party, NYMag caught up with Meyers to grill him about his internet habits. When asked about how much time he spends online, Meyers said, ""How much time do I spend online every day? It's probably an embarrassingly high number, but I'll say two hours." NYMag then proceeded to ask Meyers about consuming online porn. Meyers remained coy on the subject before offering, ""Here's the deal, I'm really into politics, so probably, like, to me, that's my pornography. Reading about, like, the Nevada Senate race, that's as hardcore porn as you get." His favourite sites include Slate, Salon, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Mag and Pitchfork. 

Seth Meyers and "Star Trek" star Zachary Quinto

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