Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vote for Kristen Wiig at The Comedy Awards

Kristen Wiig is nominated in the category of Breakthrough Performer at the upcoming Comedy Awards and as it is a public vote, I am encouraging you all to vote for her here. She is included in a line-up of incredibly talented performers that includes Aziz Ansari, Ty Burrell, Louis C.K., Danny McBride, Whitney Cummings, Emma Stone and Daniel Tosh.

The Comedy Awards will take place on March 26 and will be broadcast on April 10.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Unfamiliar Fishes" audio extract featuring Fred Armisen, Bill Hader + Maya Rudolph (AUDIO)

As I posted last week, SNL cast members Bill Hader and Fred Armisen and SNL alum Maya Rudolph are among the stars that have lent their voices to the audiobook recording of Sarah Vowell's upcoming "Unfamiliar Fishes". I have embedded three clips from the audiobook featuring Hader, Rudolph and Armisen that should whet your appetite for what promises to be an informative and entertaining insight into a fascinating period of American history.
Don't forget that the Unfamiliar Fishes audiobook is available to pre-order on Amazon. Do yourselves a favour and get it ASAP.

Bill Hader :
  Unfamiliar Fishes - Bill Hader by amyfairycakes
Fred Armisen:
  UF Fred Armisen by user3938212
Maya Rudolph:
  UF Maya Rudolph by user7040079

Kristen Wiig on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (VIDEO)

 Embedded are videos from Kristen Wiig's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Trailer for "Bridesmaids"

<a href=";from=sp&amp;fg=shareEmbed&amp;vid=71f5d29b-f4ba-4867-9eeb-4d754ebee082&amp;src=FLCP:sharebar:embed" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Bridesmaids' Trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Bridesmaids' Trailer</a>

Colour me even more excited.

SNL Cast Members and Writers to Appear at Comiskey 03/16

SNL stars Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer will take part in Comiskey at UCB tomorrow night at 11.00PM. SNL writers Shelly Gossman, Michael O'Brien, Tom Flanigan as well as 30 Rock stars John Lutz and Scott Adsit will also participate. 
So, you know, it's a line-up of veritable improv stars that you should probably check out if you're in New York. Make a reservation here.

SNL alum Will Forte books TV/movie gigs -

SNL alum Will Forte has booked a flurry of gigs in both television and film for the upcoming year. 
Firstly, he has signed on to voice characters in the upcoming Fox animated comedy Allen Gregory. Allen Gregory, produced by Jonah Hill, will also feature the vocal talents of Hill and French Stewart.

Meanwhile, Forte has also signed on to star in the Irish independent feature Run and Jump, written by Ailbhe Keogan and Steph Green. Green, who received an Academy Award nomination in 2009 for her short film “New Boy”, will also direct the feature which shoots on location in Ireland this May.

Finally, Forte is set to appear in Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s “Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”, which, just yesterday, secured a distribution deal with Magnolia.

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig attend premiere of "Paul" (PHOTOS)

The premiere of Paul took place in Los Angeles last night and both Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig were in attendance. Photos after the jump!

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Bridesmaids" Reviews -

I've taken the liberty of collating some of the online reviews of Bridesmaids that have surfaced since the comedy debuted at SXSW last night. All of them (with the exception of Variety) are absolute raves, so I think we've got ourselves a future comedy classic on our hands.

  • Movieline - "..the most raunchy, sweet and wonderfully vulgar R-rated comedy in recent memory."
  • Cinema Blend - "Bridesmaids is raunchy, well-crafted fun and a must-see when it hits theaters in May. The world needs more three-dimensional and unbridled romantic comedy leads like Kristin Wiig."
  • The Playlist - "A-"
  • UGO - "This is the place to announce, at full voice, that Kristin Wiig is a marvel of schtick, and that this film will situate her, forever, as a major voice in comedy. A-"
  • /Film - "Confident, a mix of laugh-out-loud funny, smart, raunchy, and heartbreaking. Bridesmaides is a homerun."
  • HitFix -"...this is so strong that I hope it makes Wiig into a real star, and that she's able to tell other stories that are this personal and this hilarious."
Congratulations to Kristen Wiig, co-writer Annie Mumolo, director Paul Feig, producers Judd Apatow and Barry Mendel and the entire ensemble cast for having seemingly created a terrific female-led comedy filled with laughs and pathos. 

Bridesmaids hits theaters May 13 and is, for sure, a must-see. 

Kevin Smith Announces SNL-related Podcast

Filmmaker/podcast enthusiast Kevin Smith has announced on his Twitter account that, starting in June, he and Jon Lovitz will take part in a weekly podcast series entitled The ABCs of SNL in which Smith will interview Lovitz about his SNL memories. When Smith is done interviewing Lovitz, Lovitz will then interview other people connected to the show (writers/cast members) about their memories. Then that person will continue the cycle and interview someone else from SNL. And so on, so forth.

The recordings will take place at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and the podcast will be made available each weekend on Smodcast Internet Radio.

Kristen Wiig at SXSW (PHOTOS)

Kristen Wiig's "Bridesmaids" Debuts at SXSW To Strong Reviews!

Last night saw the SXSW screening of Bridesmaids take place and buzz has been unbelievably positive for the Kristen Wiig film. While just one review has been posted - it’s still early! - many online critics took to Twitter to share their thoughts and many had effusive praise for the ensemble comedy.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix tweeted Bridesmaids director Paul Feig to say, “ Sir… you crushed it. It’s great. This is, frankly, the film I would want to see you making. Lovely.” McWeeny later Tweeted that, “Wiig is so eminently crushworthy in every moment of “Bridesmaids.” She will break many hearts.” (Check out McWeeny’s full review here.)

The Playlist tweeted, “Bridesmaids was great. Wiig totally shines, fantastic comedic performance.”
HeyUGuys tweeted, “Just saw Bridesmaids and loved it. Defo not the female Hangover but a great standalone new movie. Wiig is awesome!”

Eric Vespe of Ain’t It Cool noted the long running time (Feig showed a rough cut last night) - “Bridesmaids was better than I expected… some real heart, good laughs, but a bit choppy and too long. There’s a tighter cut in there.”
Slashfilm simply Tweeted, “Bridesmaids was Awesome.”

As the screening only ended at 2.30am, we will have to wait a few more hours for some more full reviews to be posted. But if early word on a rough cut of the film is this positive, I think we have a winner on our hands.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SNL Backstage -


SNL Backstage - Zach Galifianakis Shaves His Head Like Mr. T

Bill Hader, Vernon Chatman working on secret project for Scott Rudin | The Playlist

While Hader - who has long had the most interesting film career of everyone at SNL - was careful to reveal nothing about this project, he did provide an update on his slasher movie for Judd Apatow which he co-wrote with Simon Rich.
“Well, I’m not sure it’s called ‘House of Joel’ anymore. I don’t know what’s happening with it exactly. Judd, me, and [”Human Giant” director] Jason Woliner are gonna meet in L.A. soon to figure out what the next steps are. It’s a funny, funny script and it’s Judd’s take on a slasher movie. It’s been a long gestating project, but i think it’s worth it because it just keeps getting better.”
When pressed for further details on the plot, Hader revealed -
“I play a guy who finds out that his girlfriend was basically a Laurie Strode-type [Jamie Lee Curtis’ character] from ‘Halloween.’ She’s been hiding the fact that 15 years ago she survived this horrible night and the way I find this out is that I inadvertently take her back to her home town as a surprise and reawaken all the evil. It’s kind of about getting over your girlfriend’s past kinda thing. It’s sort of like having to deal with, ‘You did what!?’”
Seth Meyers expressing gratitude for being written into a sketch.

Zach Galifianakis/Jessie J - Thoughts

Post your thoughts on last night's show! How did Zach Galifianakis fare in his second stint as host? Do you expect Jessie J to repeat her success in America? Favourite sketch? MVP of the show?

Comment, comment, comment!