Friday, March 18, 2011

"Unfamiliar Fishes" audio extract featuring Fred Armisen, Bill Hader + Maya Rudolph (AUDIO)

As I posted last week, SNL cast members Bill Hader and Fred Armisen and SNL alum Maya Rudolph are among the stars that have lent their voices to the audiobook recording of Sarah Vowell's upcoming "Unfamiliar Fishes". I have embedded three clips from the audiobook featuring Hader, Rudolph and Armisen that should whet your appetite for what promises to be an informative and entertaining insight into a fascinating period of American history.
Don't forget that the Unfamiliar Fishes audiobook is available to pre-order on Amazon. Do yourselves a favour and get it ASAP.

Bill Hader :
  Unfamiliar Fishes - Bill Hader by amyfairycakes
Fred Armisen:
  UF Fred Armisen by user3938212
Maya Rudolph:
  UF Maya Rudolph by user7040079

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