Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steve Martin/Kristen Wiig Promo

Another SNL promo, this time with Kristen Wiig and Steve Martin!Q

New "Fred's Blog" on NBC Website

Click there for another new blog entry from Fred, this time, detailing the Paul Rudd/Beyonce episode.

Little Tid-Bit of Info:
It was Bobby Moynihan who came up with the Single Ladies sketch. And he rises even further in my estimation!

Michaela Watkins Interview with The Apiary

Untitled Amy Poehler Series News.

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Firstly, the above picture is Amy in character. I love the suit and Uggs!
Secondly, the show is no longer untitled according to The title is "Public Service."
It sounds a little like a cop show or something, but I like it. It's short and sweet.

More photos of Amy on set with Rashida Jones at


MTV have said that they are hearing that the Jonas Brothers will perform on SNL, February 14th.
Yes, Valentine's Day.
SNL will really allow anyone on these days.*
Taylor Swift was one thing, but the Jonas Brothers!?

*dies a little

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lazy Sunday Uncensored

Hadn't watched this one in a while, but here's the Lonely Island's "Lazy Sunday".. UNCENSORED.

EDIT: Universal, in all their wisdom, has taken this video down.

Caroline Kennedy To Do SNL?

It seems unlikely, but I just read this in NY Mag:


Is Caroline Kennedy planning to rehabilitate her image via an appearance on Saturday Night Live? Or is Saturday Night Live planning to rehabilitate its post-election ratings with a Caroline Kennedy appearance? Whatever. Our point: A trio of trusty Daily Intel spies spotted Kennedy and her husband Edwin Schlossberg having a long dinner with Lorne Michaels, his wife, and another couple at Morandi on Thursday evening. "Lorne and Caroline were intensely in conversation, to the exclusion of the rest of the table," reported our spies, who sat nearby and provided a prodigious amount of detail:
They arrived at around 8 pm. The unfamous couple arrived first, then Caroline and Edward, then Lorne. Caroline was wearing black pants, a black cashmere sweater, and carried a black Prada bag. At one point, she leaned back and twirled her hair, like she was putting it in a ponytail. Whenever she needed to read the menu, she put on glasses. Edwin Schlossberg had the linguine with clams. Lorne Michaels had the parpadelle with ragu. Near the end of the meal, an affogato was passed to Caroline. They left at around 11. Lorne Michaels paid the check. Fascinating! Of course, they could just be friends. But the timing of this dinner and the handling of the bill, not to mention the consumption of parpardelle, which signals victory in some cultures*, suggests otherwise. So! What will it be? A Weekend Update appearance? Or better: A pot-infused Andy Samberg musical short? She's not gunning for public office anymore, after all!
*We made this up.

Live From New York, It's Saturday Night Live -

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With your host..
Bradley Cooper!

Yes, Bradley Cooper confirmed on the Tonight Show that he shall host SNL next weekend with an unannounced musical guest.
You might know him from the He's Just Not That Into You trailer. He's the guy who says "You might be the best friend I ever had." to Scarlett Johannson.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steve Martin Promos!

Rod Blagojevich Forced to Watch Clips From SNL,Letterman, Leno, Daily Show.

Click on the link above to see Blagojevich appear mildly amused at Jason Sudeikis' impression, while a little uncomfortable at a plethora of hair jokes.

When will Blago go?!

Justin Timberlake on Single Ladies

Click on the link below for this AP article about Justin Timberlake and the Single Ladies sketch.

Monday, January 26, 2009

SNL Cast to appear at Prop 8 Benefit.


A host of actors from stage and screen will take part in Defying Inequality: The Broadway Concert — A Celebrity Benefit for Equal Rights, which will be held Feb. 23 at the Gershwin Theatre, the current home of Wicked.
The 8 PM performance will benefit Family Equality Council, Empire State Pride Agenda, Equality California, Garden State Equality and The Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force, five charitable organizations working to "promote equality and protect civil rights for the gay and lesbian community."
Hosted by the cast of Wicked, the evening will boast the Broadway debut of Marc Shaiman's Prop 8 - The Musical (Shaiman will also perform) as well as a special performance by Wicked composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz. Also scheduled to be part of the one-night-only event are Douglas Carter Beane, PJ Benjamin, Stephanie J. Block, Tamara Braun, Kerry Butler, Lynda Carter, Gavin Creel , Harvey Fierstein, John Gallagher, Jr., Jonathan Groff, Mark Indelicato, Cheyenne Jackson, Capathia Jenkins, Carson Kressley, Laughing Pizza, Adriane Lenox, Cameron Mathison, Rue McClanahan, Nicole Parker, Billy Porter, Rosie's Broadway Kids, Seth Rudesky, Michael Urie, The Broadway Boys, Don't Quit Your Night Job, the closing cast of Gypsy, the cast of Jersey Boys, the cast of The Lion King, the cast of The Little Mermaid, the cast of Mary Poppins, cast members from "Saturday Night Live," the cast of "Sesame Street," original cast members from Spring Awakening and the cast of Wicked.

Seth Meyers on Letterman

Tune into Late Show with David Letterman on CBS tomorrow night to see Seth Meyers being interviewed!

For those of you who can't wait that long, and want some Seth/Letterman action pronto, the above is an interview Seth did with Letterman last March. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SAG Awards

The SAG Awards are tonight, and for all the Amy Poehler fans out there, keep an eye out, as your girl is a presenter!
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Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig Audio Interview

For your aural pleasure: