Friday, September 9, 2011

Rumor: Mary Faber Eyed as Possible SNL Cast Member

The Apiary is reporting that SNL is possibly looking at adding Mary Faber to its cast. While it is just a rumor at this point, sources tell The Apiary that Faber recently tested for the show. Faber is best known for her work on Broadway, where she is currently starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. She has also starred in American Idiot and Avenue Q. Faber has also studied improv at UCB and The PIT.

Below is her SNL audition reel, introduced by Daniel Radcliffe, no less. In it, she displays a great knack for characters and could really bring a fun and lively energy, as well as a more theatrical sensibility (reminiscent of Ana Gasteyer, perhaps) to the show.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

You betcha this is a thing.
Ben & Jerry's has teamed up with Broadway Video Enterprises to unveil a new SNL-inspired flavour entitled "Schweddy Balls". Based on the now-infamous SNL sketch featuring Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Alec Baldwin, Schweddy Balls features Fair Trade vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls and is available for a limited time nationwide while stocks last. 
Asked for his thoughts on the flavour, Alec Baldwin said, “For a long time, I thought that ‘Here Lies Pete Schweddy’ would end up on my tombstone. Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry's, the goodness of the Schweddy family recipe won't go with me to the great beyond.” 
Meanwhile, Ana Gasteyer said, "The Schweddy Balls sketch was a personal favorite from my SNL run, so I am pleased as holiday punch that Ben and Jerry's has taken it upon themselves to share the Schweddy Family recipe with the world. As a person and a performer, I am a sucker for holiday balls. And I have no doubt this ice cream will cause many to scream 'Good Times'." 

Get your hands on it while stocks last, guys.