Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rob Pattinson to Host SNL?

Maybe, maybe not, but at the Emmy awards, Seth Meyers told E! that SNL would love to get Rob Pattinson to come host the show.

"We're actually hoping if [Rob's] not available, at least his hair will come by and host," Meyers added.

I understand that a show hosted by Rob Pattinson would do great ratings-wise but I just cannot see Edward Cullen being funny in a sketch comedy environment.

What do you think? Should SNL get Robert Pattinson to host or should they leave that ship sail?

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sam said...

i would actually love to see him. i have a huge crush on him... but he also seems very self-depricating, and i feel like he could be one of those hosts who suprises people. but then again he could also just completely blow. either way... i would watch. lol.