Sunday, February 1, 2009

MacGruber Pepsi Commercials

During the live broadcast of SNL last night, NBC aired three Pepsi commericals that featured none other than MacGruber.
While I do think its a little weird of NBC to pimp out MacGruber to a multi-billion dollar company like Pepsi, the commericals are pretty funny. So enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

It may be weird, but that's what MacGruber is about, right? I mean, he gets botox and all kinds of crap like that, right? The point of MacGruber is that he sucks at life, and these commercials are completely in spirit.

Especially the one where all he says is Pepsi. It reminds me of the one where he finds out his son is gay and the announcer is like "MacGruber! He found out his son is gay, he's making amends with it. HE'S JOINED A SUPPORT GROUP! MACGRUBER!" Or whatever that one's lyrics were. :)