Saturday, July 12, 2008

Charlyne Yi & Fred Armisen

Okay, so for those among my phantom readers who don't know who Charlyne Yi is, she's the hilarious girl in Knocked Up who is not Katharine Heigl or Leslie Mann, living in the house with the guys. She's really, really funny and does her own comedy, and has also appeared in Semi-Pro & on Miss Guided. A few weeks ago, Charlyne posted her Saturday Night Live audition video on YouTube. [insert link]

So, anyway, she posted this video on Fred Armisen's MySpace, but after a few comments and no reply, Charlyne began to suspect that perhaps it wasn't really Fred approving his comments, so she then made THIS video. [insert link]
I love how I only have to type in [insert link] and the internet knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, what was I saying? [think Brain think!]
Oh yes! So then, HE [Fred Armisen] responded with this ditty:

Woah, that's so weird. I typed Fred Armisen in square brackets and Fred Armisen appeared. [go home Fred Armisen.]
That was awkward.
So anyway, I saw that video, and I was like "Wow, Fred Armisen is pretty busy, huh?"
So after that video, Charlyne Yi posted THIS:

So she showed him who's busy by donning a red tie & wig, which was quite amusing. BOOYAKASHA.
And then Fred Armisen retaliated with this nice video which was filmed in a noticably wealthy area, and offered some advice:

You can read a more coherent account of this at Charlyne Yi's MySpace @ [insert link]

[Umm, didn't you hear me? I said post.]
[I think you need to clean out your ears.]
[What do you want me to do with this toast? I said POST.]

I don't know what's up with this computer.
Looks like I'ma have to do this the old fashioned way.

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