Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jon Hamm/Coldplay review

Cold Open:
I was away for a week, so I wasn't 100% certain as to what exactly happened with Sen. Biden and Rep. Murtha. But given that it was 10 days to the election, this seemed like an odd way to open the show. Not as funny as Will Ferrell and Tina Fey's bit on Thursday Night.

Amusing, and well delivered. It was a bit in which Hamm urged viewers to watch his show Mad Men on AMC, by reeling them in with a list of false gimmicks, i.e. McCain and Obama will appear on the finale smoking weed.

Hallowe'en Paedophile:
Here Will Forte played a paedophile going to his neighbour's house looking for candy, but also to reveal to him in a roundabout way, that he is in fact a sex offender. The sketch felt a little stale, like something I'd seen before, but Forte saved it, by being the phenomenal character actor he is. There's something incredibly intense about every character Forte does, as he gives 120% and his full commitment. This sketch was no exception.

SNL Digital Short : Ras-Trent:
Only the second good digital short this season, after Extreme Activities Competition. This was Andy Samberg playing a white rasta wannabe, to an incredibly catchy beat. Seriously, this song could be a hit.
"Me toil part time at a ColdStone Creamery."

Two A-Holes at a 60's Ad Agency:
Hail the return of the Two A-Holes! This time our favourite A-Holes were pitching a stationary hula-hoop to the Mad Men characters! Cameos from John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss. It was absolutely hilarious, and Will Forte and Bill Hader blended in flawlessly. My favourite line?
"What about you, gay guy?"
"Who, me???!"
Bill Hader's face was amazing.

Obama Variety Half-Hour:
Best sketch of the night. Maya Rudolph returned to play Michelle Obama, and Mr.and Mrs. O presented their variety half hour, which included Nancy Pelosi (Wiig), Barney Frank (Moynihan) and Ron Emmanuel (Samberg) singing Our House, and Bill Clinton singing "Don't Your Forget About Me." Jon Hamm also played John F. Kennedy's spirit who returns to endorse Obama. Wonderful, neat, tidy sketch.

Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women:
Another Mad Men reference. This was a taped bit, that showed Hamm reprise his character Don Draper, and divulge his secrets. My favourite:
1) Be Silent.

Coldplay :
I dislike Coldplay, so I fast-forwarded this.

Weekend Update:
Tonight opened with the revelation that Amy Poehler couldn't be there because she was having her baby! So, Meyers went solo. And, I have to say, he did a pretty good job. Guest commentators included Ralph Nader, played flawlessly by Bill Hader, RoboCall played by Will Forte, and Nicholas Fehn. I loved Nicholas Fehn in the beginning, but it's wearing just a little thin now. Perhaps, it's awesome to see Armisen improvise all that, and that's why the audience reaction is so strong and favourable each time. But I think it's time to put it to rest.
Update ended on the loveliest note, with Kenan Thompson and Maya Rudolph performing a rendition of "We Love You Amy" to the tune of "I Love You, Baby." It's so obvious how much the cast truly love her, and the affection they hold for her. What? I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye.

Vincent Price's Halloween Show:
Here saw Bill Hader return as Vincent Price in one his specials. His guests included Gloria Swanson, who was a pirate, and James Mason. It was Hamm who played Mason, and he did a killer job at playing the Lolita star. Best part was when Price went to read The Raven, and asked for musical accompaniment from Liberace (Armisen). One of the best of the night.

Jon Hamm's John Ham:
Okay, this sketch, while clever, made me feel nautious. The roll of ham in the bathroom, the mustard dispenser.. it was all a little juvenile.

Pat Finger, Butts, NY:
This sketch was a series of campaign ads from the unfortunately named Pat Finger (Hamm) who is running for Butts Council. Lots of Finger in Butts jokes ensue. And then in an attempt to remedy his initial campaign ads, he changes his name to Pat Dildeaux. Dildo in Butts. You get the picture.

Didn't watch.

Overall, I thought this was a strong episode. Consistent show, with one of the strongest hosts thus far (after Anne Hathaway). It was good to see Bill Hader get more airtime, and perform some of his killer impressions, which he have hardly seen this season. Not a lot of Wiig/Wilson this episode, which is kind of a nice change. I adore Wiig, but I fear that now Amy has left, she is going to be used to the absolute maximum. Wilson kind of bothers me. Its clear she has talent, but she overacts in every sketch. If she took it down a notch, then she'd be simply fantastic. But as it stands, she's a little annoying.

Score: 8/10

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