Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hugh Laurie/Kanye West Review

Blagojevich Testimony - I have to say I really enjoyed this sketch. The scale of Blagojevich's stupidity and corruption truly knew no bounds, and I'm glad that SNL didn't let up on him. I loved Sudeikis' impression and Casey's Elizabeth Dole.

Monologue - I can hardly remember anything from the monologue. There was a Christmas medley, which wasn't great. Laurie made a joke about Oliver that nobody in the audience seemed to get. Forgettable.

Bronx Beat - I was so happy to see this return for Amy's final farewell. It was just perfect, and I loved when they were asking Laurie's character about what type of "meat" he preferred. "Breast, you like the breast? What about thigh? Inner thigh? Inner thigh? Breast?" And my favourite line; "I wish we had accents."

Sarcastic Christmas Dinner - This seemed to run on a such a flat premise, it had me a little confused. One line that sticks out for me is "Mother's milk", which made me holler like a hyena. Other than that though, this sketch was pretty weak.

Culhane Wedding Toasts - I rather enjoyed this sketch. The wedding toast idea never seems to get old. My favourite part of the sketch was Will Forte's white supremacist casting doom on America because of Obama's election. I also liked Laurie's friend of a father character.

Magical Lamps- Another sketch that hung on a weak premise. It's becoming increasingly obvious that Michaela Watkins' forte lies in playing elderly women. The only part I really enjoyed was "Coming soon to Broadway, but not the one you're thinking of!"

Cat Christmas Letter- One of my favourites of the night. I have a confession : I love puns. And this sketch was riddled with them, and I licked it up. "Miaowy Christmas." Oh, puns!
And, I LOVED Kristen Wiig's cat voice.

Cookie Crimes" (Digital Short) - Digital Shorts are just getting increasingly sillier and nonsensical as the season progresses. Perhaps I am holding them on a high pedestal, but the shorts never used to be this stupid. I mean, who conceived this? A man eating cookies, that turn out to be laxatives. I cannot think of a single redeeming feature of this sketch. I didn't smile, I didn't laugh.
(I'm not going to mark this, as it will be too harsh.)

Weekend Update: Oh god. I love Fred's David Paterson so much. It reminded me of Paterson's own shady past. It was too good. And perhaps a little politically incorrect, but I don't care. I loved it. The WU jokes weren't too great, but Amy's little speech was so sweet. And, I loved how Fred blocked the camera just as she was tearing up, only to make her laugh. Such a lovely way to go. I'll miss you Amy.

I dislike Hugh Laurie. I didn't have high expectations for this show. And sure enough, they met my low expectations. Other bloggers have said that the SNL crew didn't give Laurie a lot to work with. That may be true, but I think that perhaps Laurie didn't give SNL a lot to work with. His background is in comedy, but as we've seen in House, his forte is in snarky drama. This show, along with Anna Faris' has to be one of the weakest of the season. And where was Bill Hader? I'm getting peeved at their underuse of one of their most talented players. What is it? Don't they know how to write for him? It's just ridiculous to me.
Overall : 6/10

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except for the opening, all of hader's sketches were cut during dress.