Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seth Rogen/Phoenix - Thoughts?

I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but what did you guys think?
Did Rogen bring it? Did Phoenix bring it? Best sketch?

Comment, comment, comment!


Anonymous said...

Phoenix (band).
Who eventually became Daft Punk.
Watch Phoenix Band April 4TH 2009 – Saturday Night Live on NBC.

AC said...

It was a weak episode in my opinion. Highlight of the episode was Update especially Seth's comments on the Obama's in the UK and Angelina Jolie and Madonna arguing over babies.

Worst sketch: Just about everything else. Jackie and Clancy T was nearly a repeat, La Revista Della Televisione is always fairly repetitive too, although the Bear Man comments were funny.

The Save the Funnies sketch was a very similar version of Curtains for Broadway from the Neil Patrick Harris episode. Thought they could've changed it up more, someone other than Sudiekis leading the meeting and not use the almost identical racism joke with Keenan.