Sunday, May 17, 2009

Will Ferrell/Green Day - Thoughts?

I have the episode ready-to-watch, but alas I have to do some studying before I can sit down & enjoy it.
In the mean-time, what were your thoughts on the show? How did Ferrell round out season 34? Did he reprise his Bush impression? How were Green Day?


Anonymous said...

it was pretty much good, especially when they sing, but thats all Im gonna say, but that being the season finale, there was NO DIGITAL SHORT!!! that made me REALLY mad, because they all pretty much know each other, and have worked together in the past, so I was hopeing for something really funny. Maybe they'll show it tonight with the other digital shorts?

AC said...

Really enjoyed the episode, it was nice to see Darrell get more sketches than usual as it seems like it is his last episode. I really enjoyed having Amy back in the co-anchor chair for Weekend Update.

Best sketch was the song at the end, nice to see Amy, Maya, Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, Tom Hanks, Green Day and a little bit of Elizabeth Moss there as well.

Green Day were great as usual and Ferrell did the Bush impression during the cold open

Anonymous said...

I agree about Darrell! It was AWESOME to see him in so many sketches! He and Will make a fantastic duo.

Kyle Goetz said...

His Bush impression felt very, very, very off. Like he couldn't get a certain mannerism or accent down the way he used to.