Monday, September 28, 2009

Jenny Slate Will Not Be Fired

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I repeat, NOT fired.

An NBC spokeswoman said, "No truth to firing conjecture. She will not be fired."

However the NY Daily News is reporting that executives were none too pleased with Slate's slip-up & held a big meeting after the show. Apparently Slate was also a no-show at the show's after-party.

I gotta say, I really hope that Slate isn't punished in some other way for this and I hope that she continues to get the chance to shine in sketches as she did on Saturday before her unfortunate mistake.

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AC said...

I find it so weird that this is any kind of issue considering it was a slip of the tongue after midnight, I don't see how anybody watching could claim that they upset by it.

Glad to see that NBC have stuck by her and I hope she gets a chance to be known for more than the newbie who dropped an F-Bomb.