Saturday, September 19, 2009

SNL Weekend Update Thursday Review

Cold Open - So I really liked the premise of all this - the notion of the Republicans all planning to shout "You lie!" until they scrap the idea unbeknownst to Joe Wilson is kinda hilarious - but it didn't bring as many laughs as I would have hoped. Will Forte's impression was very funny as was his panicked face - "I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm not known for anything else except this!"
Nice concept, a little short on laughs but great work by Will Forte & Jason Sudeikis. 7/10

Weekend Update - Sharp jokes & a welcome start to the SNL season. Bill Hader's James Carville blew my mind it was so funny & even Jimmy Carter and Michael Steele (I don't usually enjoy the Darrell/Kenan couplings) made me laugh a couple of times, particularly Steele's attempts to use ebonic phrases. What I think made me chuckle most was Kristen Wiig's Madonna. The long drawn-out blinks, and the completely self-centred manner with which she delivered her tribute to Gertrude Baines (akin to her Michael Jackson tribute) -
"Please Seth, don't interrupt me while I'm honouring this great great woman. And Gertrude Baines." Gold.

However the true highlight of the show was Really?!? with Seth and Amy. Oh how I missed Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler saying what everyone else thinks (with a ton more laughs) about them crazy-doings of celebrities/those in political office. Favourite moment? When Seth pointed out that saying "You lie!" sounds like you're a toddler or someone who's just learned English.

Overall, I think this was a strong start to what I hope will be as strong a season as last season. No sign of the newbies during the show or Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan & Abby Elliott for that matter, so I'm extra excited for next week's edition & SNL with Megan Fox/U2.
Welcome back SNL, this gal missed you!

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