Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jon Hamm To Host SNL!

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Uber-handsome Mad Men star Jon Hamm will host SNL for the second time in as many seasons next January, according to his co-star Rich Sommer who let the info slip in an interview with TV Squad.
Jon Hamm did a terrific job last season, if only for his spot-on impressions of John F Kennedy & James Mason, so should be a good show!

Side note - when did Jon Hamm's John Ham become a classic sketch? Every report I've read has cited it as hilarious and I remember it being one of the lamer ones in a strong episode.

Are you excited at the prospect of Jon Hamm hosting?


Matt Kelley said...

Hell yes! After a bunch of lackluster hosts so far this season (they couldn't even have a decent Mad Men sketch with January Jones), we need an Alec Baldwin caliber host!

Hamm could be the next Baldwin: handsome dramatic leading man who is also a comedy nerd. Am I crazy or could this he be the next go-to guy for SNL?

Anonymous said...

agreed! don draper's guide to getting women was unforgetable.