Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SNL Hires Jessi Klein

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Well-regarded NY comedian Jessi Klein (or Janeane Garofalo's doppelganger) has been hired mid-season by SNL to join the writing staff! You may know Klein from her appearances on The Showbiz Show with David Spade, Best Week Ever & Michael and Michael Have Issues. A quick browse through her IMDb credits shows that girl has worked as a writer on Samantha Who, The Showbiz Show & M&MHI. She also worked as "executive in charge of production" on shows like Chapelle's Show and Stella. In other words, Jessi Klein has a lot of street cred.
This brings to 6 the number of female writers on SNL - with Jessi Klein joining Emily Spivey, Jessica Conrad, Marika Sawyer, Christine Nangle and Jillian Bell to form the most oestrogenic writing staff on late-night television!

Good luck, Klein!

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