Saturday, January 9, 2010

Charles Barkley/Alicia Keys - Your Thoughts

Post your thoughts on tonight's show here after it's aired!

How was this show as a welcome to '10? Best sketch/worst sketch? How did Charles Barkley fare? MVP of the show?

Comment, comment, comment!


Charlie said...

I thought that was a pretty great show to start with! the opening monologue was perfect, it was short, painless and funny. plus the cameo's from the writers made my day. I laughed the majority of the episode, although it kind of petered off towards the end with the barkley's bank sketch. and andy samberg as nicholas cage was hilarious. ps is anyone else worried that jenny slate will be dropped? she's hardly getting any airtime other than supporting roles..

marisa said...

I thought the show was a good way to start 2010. Charles Barkley was pretty hilarious. I especially liked him on Reel Quotes ("Life is like a box of.." "Dead people!") which felt a lot like the Jeopardy sketches. Both of Alicia Keys' performance were great, but I wasn't too big on the digital short, though it got some laughs from me. WU was a hit as usual for me, especially Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage. Worst part, in my opinion, was the cold open. Didn't get a single laugh in my house.

ginny said...

Charles Barkley certainly surprised me! I agree Reel Quotes was hysterical and Andy Samburg's Nucolas Cage was b-rillent! Nice way to start a decade.