Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seeing as how SNL isn't back until April 10, and MacGruber mania is over for now,thereby giving me little to write about, I thought I'd pose these three questions -

  1. What is your all-time favourite SNL sketch?
  2. Who is your all-time favourite cast member?
  3. Who is your all-time favourite host?
If you're giving more than one answer for any of the questions, limit the answers to three.
I'll post my answers tomorrow when I've had time to mull over it.


Christy said...

1) Matt Foley sketch.
2) Chris Farley.
3) I can't pick one.

Anonymous said...

1. Lazy Sunday (for pre taped) and markbwalberg talks to animals (for live)
2. Jimmy Fallon and/or Andy Samberg
3. I'll have to go with Justin Timberlake also Baldwin and Steve Martin because their so iconic

ginny said...

1. Steve Martin & Dan Akroyd as theWild & Crazy guys. Im obsessed with any weekend update, so I guess that is my other favorite.
2. Gilda Radner, Amy Pohler, Andy Samberg
3. clearly from my first response Steve Martin

Alison said...

1.Dateline NBC or The Lawrence Welk Show.
2. Bill Hader
3. Justin Timberlake or Steve Martin

Madison said...

1. Spartan Cheerleaders, The Target Lady, What Up With That.
2. Amy Poehler
3. Zach Galifianakis

Hali said...

1.Boston Kids with Ben Affleck,Waynes World
2. Chris Farley
3.Alec Baldwin

clownbaby said...

1. activa/jamie lee curtis sketch. POOPED MY PANTS, proud of it.
3. Zach G

Anonymous said...

1. Killer Bees for old school// Lawrence Welk or What Up With That for new school (I LOVE Sudeikis' ballin' dance skills)
2. Former: John Belushi or Tina Fey. Current: Jason Sudeikis... who I'd make out with.
3. Even thought I can't stand her the Lindsey Lohan episode is SO FUNNY with the RICK RICK and Billy Joel skits. hahahahah
But - I'd have to go to with when former cast members come back to Host

Oliver said...

1. Riley (made me laugh the hardest)
2. Horatio Sanz
3. Alec Baldwin