Monday, January 31, 2011

"I always get a lot of weird offers and sometimes I take them, especially if it’s a chance to cross over to a big audience and a young audience. I was in San Francisco when I got the offer. They sent the song, and I loved it, and they said they were fans. They told me who they were, and sent links to their work – I’d already seen a lot of it and liked it.
I like the politics of the song. It says it’s fun to be creepy!
It all happened weirdly and quickly; I think I had the flu the whole time. I did it in San Francisco and then was home in Baltimore watching it live and I was surprised and thrilled. They sent me a lovely bottle of wine from a local wine guy – not wire wine. They took some care to get it from a Baltimore wine-seller."

- John Waters on appearing in The Creep


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