Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Residents of Chicago might want to head to Macy's at Randolph and State Street to see an oil portrait of Seth Meyers. How did a portrait of Seth Meyers come to be displayed here? Well, WBEZ Chicago asked Meyers just that, to which he replied -

"5/6 years ago I went to Chicago for a charity event. There was a giftbag that included a sitting at a portrait gallery. I was DEFINITELY the only person there who went up and did the sitting. The nicest dude on earth was running the place and took the photos.  I explained to him that my goal was to get a giant oil painting of myself for my brother. He understood that I was posing ironically. I got the proofs but paying for the portrait was prohibitively expensive. I seriously considered it but it seemed wasteful to drop that kind of money for something my brother might hate."

The artist is Don Sayles, owner of Classic Portrait Source. How much does Sayles estimate its worth to be? A not so meagre $5,500. 

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