Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lorne Michaels to add another guy/girl?!

Fresh after adding Abby Elliott and Michaela Watkins to the cast, Lorne Michaels has said, and I quote:
"The staying power has always been the cast and the writing. We're just in a rebuilding period," Michaels says. "I believe this cast is confident and good, but we can definitely add another woman and guy in the spring."

(from Shreveport Times)
And want to know Lorne's opinion on the three newbies?

On Abby Elliott:
"She was in the last set of auditions. The fear was that she might be too young. But so was Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. She did some really nice impressions, and her sense of humor was clearly there."

On Bobby Moynihan:
"I think he's the real thing. I looked at him last year. This year (during auditions), he knocked it out of the park. He has incredible poise and confidence."

On Michaela Watkins:
"She has a very nice precision, and there's real intelligence to her comedy. She did some smart, evolved characters for her audition."

It really seems like he's gushing about Bobby Moynihan, while a little iffy about the two ladies? Perhaps this could mean bye-bye to one of the ladies later in the year. (I have no basis for this claim, just speculatin'..)

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