Saturday, May 16, 2009

SNL End-of-Season Lists

So New York Magazine has compiled a list of their favourite hosts & sketches of the season.
Their top 5 hosts are:
1. Josh Brolin - yeah, Josh Brolin was their favourite host of the season.I thought the Josh Brolin episode was pretty good, but it had very little to do with Josh Brolin and more to do with Sarah Palin and Mark Wahlberg.
2. Jon Hamm
3. Paul RuddBold
4. Neil Patrick Harris.Bold
5.Anne Hathaway

Their favourite sketches were:
10. Easter Album (SItaliceth Rogen)
9. Clearing The Air (Paul Rudd) - I was surprised to find out that SNL had begun airing shorts from students at The New School.
8. Two A-Holes At An Ad Agency in The 1960's (Jon Hamm)
7. Fart Face (Josh Brolin) - seriously, this was the 7th best sketch of the season? C'mon!
6. Weekend Update - Madonna & Angelina Jolie (Tracy Morgan)
5. Dateline (Tracy MItalicorgan)
4.Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals (Anne Hathaway)
3. Palin/Couric Cold Open (Anna Faris)
2. Jizz In My Pants (John Malkovich)
1. Weekend Update Sarah Palin Rap (Josh Brolin.

So, I don't want to say NY Mag are wrong or anything, because they are entitled to their own opinions, but this list is so off-the-mark. There are about four here whose presence on a top-ten list is totally mind-boggling to me.

But, what do you think? What were your favourite sketches of the season? Who were your favourite hosts?
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AC said...

My favorite sketches I think are:
Curtains for Broadway (Patrick Harris)
Mark Wahlberg talks to animals (Hathaway)
Jizz in my pants (Malkovich)
Single Ladies (Rudd)
Hawaii (Johnson)
Mother Lovers (Timberlake)

Can't think of what else would be there right now.

Not sure if it was on purpose they have picked 5 first time hosts there, if I was to rate the 5 best first time hosts then I think it would be:
1 & 2. Anne Hathaway & Neil Patrick Harris (i think they were clearly the best first time hosts this year but I can't decide who was better)
3. Jon Hamm
4. Paul Rudd
5. is tough, though I think I would have to say Tim McGraw

Anonymous said...

Really no single ladies? I'm glad "Dateline" got on the list I love that sketch. But overall I agree, there are some that just should not be there.

NYM should have waited though, I'm sure some JT (Immigrants) and Will Ferrell sketches would get on the list.

Kyle Goetz said...

Anne Hathaway at #5? She was easily the best host of the year, proving that she has comedy chops as well. I've rewatched her Mary Poppins sketch over and over again.

But Paul Rudd was also very good, with the sketch of him, Will, Bill, and Jason in the car being a highlight.