Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who Wrote What Sketch?

So, I found a copy of the SNL rundown sheet from last week's show online, and it has the names of the writers for each sketch, so just decided I'd share with you.

Geithner Cold Open - Jim Downey
Monologue - Alex Baze/John Mulaney/Steve Higgins
Target Lady - James Anderson
Immigrant Tale - Simon Rich/John Mulaney/Marika Sawyer
Surgery Centre (Plasticville) - Paula Pell
Barry Gibb Talk Show - Steve Higgins/Erik Kenward/John Solomon
Pirates - Seth Meyers/Bryan Tucker

Also, there was a Britain's Got Talent sketch that was cut and that was due to star Casey Wilson & was written by John Mulaney and Colin Jost. Now, why didn't we get to see that?


Anonymous said...

Man, I love John Mulaney. I hope he sticks around for next season! (Maybe even join the cast?)

amyfairycakes said...

I know, I love John Mulaney! I'm actually going to see him live in 2 weeks! I would love if he joined the cast, but equally happy if he stayed on as a writer.