Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh Lord-

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According to multiple internet reports, Transformers star Megan Fox will host the SNL premiere on September 26th in order to promote comedy/horror flick Jennifer's Body.

"An insider tells
Life & Style, "Megan is psyched to have gotten this opportunity. She has a lot of surprises in store for the audience. This is the perfect opportunity for her to show off her comedic skills.""

Fox is honing her comedic skills by working on a digital short with Andy Samberg.

This could either work out really well and Fox could emerge as a cool, self-effacing chick or it could be horrible. What do you think about SNL's choice?


Anonymous said...

terrible! for some reason i hate her a lot, but i am very jealous of her too. :(

LiveFromNY said...

It is quite an interesting choice. She has little/no comedy experience. But who knows? Sometimes hosts like this surprise us.