Friday, September 4, 2009

Michaela Watkins & Casey Wilson Fired

The Comic's Comic is reporting that Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson will NOT be returning to SNL next season. I'm not really surprised at all about Casey - given the fact that she had a show scheduled at UCB two days before the season premiere, I think a lot of people saw it coming.
I cited Michaela as a possible fire-y, but I'll admit I'm a little surprised that she actually won't be returning. I feel like we didn't see all she could do, but she definitely showed all her talent and I think she, along with Casey, will have a great career.

Here's what Michaela had to say about the firing -

"I will say to you now, though, that I had a GREAT time there. Met some of the most truly talented and fantastic people, had the most exciting job and I honestly can say I don't have any regrets I can think of right now. Although it seems kinda crazy right now, this may shake out to make sense to everyone. Lorne isn't known for indulging in any lip-service and I feel very encouraged by his words last week. I'm working on something I'm very excited about now, so... the journey continues, and I feel so lucky I got to stop off at 30 Rock. It was awesome."

What do you think? Will you miss the ladies? Do you think that Michaela had a fair run at 30 Rock?


JSS said...

I'm sad. They were both hot funny ladies, its stupid, god forbid they have more than 3 or 4 female castmates rite? LAME!

LiveFromNY said...

Once news struck about the 2 hires, I knew Casey was a gonner. But I'm shocked about Michaela. I thought she actually had a very good 1st season, and brought something good to the cast. Lorne must be sold on Jenny and Nasim to fire both Casey and Michaela. Only time will tell if he made a good decision.

AC said...

Still a little shocked that Michaela was fired, she had a good start. I think that this move confirms that this season will be really Kristen heavy again, hopefully no Gilly or that make-up counter wife character. Probably means that Abby will be a lot more involved as well. I agree with LiveFromNY that Lorne must have high hopes for both of the new ladies to hire both and fire Michaela.

Anonymous said...

:( I would have kept Michela and gotten rid of Kenan. Though I can't wait for this new season! The new writer hires seem really promising (huge Hannibal fan). Do we know if any of the writers have been let go? I would be surprised if they were figuring the emmy nomination.

amyfairycakes said...

I haven't heard of any writers been let go. I would say that some writers may not be returning of their own accord, hence the multiple new hirings, but I would be surprised if Lorne fired any of them.