Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SNL Hires Two New Females!

Yes, you read correctly! SNL has hired two MORE ladies to join the cast! That would put the guys & girls at about equal ratio (that is if Michaela & Casey stay - no official word on their returning has been announced yet).

So, who are the lucky ladies?

If you guessed Jenny Slate & Nasim Pedrad, then you are correct!

Now can I say that the two look like sisters.
Photographic proof -

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Am I the only person who notices the similarity?
Jenny Slate is on the left & Nasim Pedrad is on the right.

So, a little background info on the girls -

Jenny Slate (27) is a Brooklyn comic and UCB alumni. She used to have her own weekly show at Rififi with her comedy partner Gabe Liedman and more recently hosted The Big Terrific showcase in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You may know her from the Verizon commercial & avid watchers of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will recognise her as Jimmy's assistant in the 7th Floor West bits.

Nasim Pedrad is based in LA and has worked with UCB, Groundlings & Improv Olympic. Recently, she was a member of the Sunday company of The Groundlings. ER fans may recognise her as Nurse Suri who she played in several episodes.

What do you think of these latest hires? Are you glad to see that SNL is hiring more ladies?


AC said...

Its always nice to see some new blood introduced, good luck to them. You are not the only one to see the similarities between them by the way.

Not sure if that means that one or both of Michaela and Casey may not be back.

If only one returns then I worry for Casey. Considering that Amy missed a lot of last season with pregnancy and leaving, I expected that Casey would get a lot more screen time but she really didn't as Kristen was nearly in everything. Then Abby and Michaela joined and she saw even less screen time. I hope she stays and gets enough this year if she returns.

amyfairycakes said...

I don't think Casey's coming back. There's been no announcement but she has a show scheduled in UCB LA two days before the season premiere, so it doesn't look good for her.

AC said...

Yeah, I heard that as well. There are also rumours that Michaela is not coming back. I had presumed that Casey would have been promoted to repertory along with Bobby replacing Derrell and Amy with Abby, Michaela and the new 2 as featured.