Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sigourney Weaver Thoughts

Post your thoughts here on what you thought of the show after it has aired!
Was there a Leno/Conan sketch? How did Weaver do? Any Alien-related sketches? Cameos? MVP of the show?

Comment, comment, comment!


Matt Kelley said...

I'm betting on a "Greg the alien" sketch

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most difficult shows to stay with. sometimes I wonder if I have lost my sense of humor or changed in some way, because I find most of the skits painful to watch. these are talented people (I use to think) and what the heck is happening?

Anonymous said...

I agree with poster above. The writing sucks badly and Kenan Thompson has gotten on my last available nerve. As someone who has watched since the first season way back in the 70's, this group is painfully lame! It's not as if there aren't lots of things to make fun of in our world!

Kyle said...

I expected a Greg the Alien. The LASER Cats was a solid 8/10, and I really liked the musical guest (never heard them before). SNL music is at its best when it's introducing America to new artists, not showing us U2 for the fiftieth time.

I'm torn on Kenan. I don't like the GRady Wilson sketches, but the What Up Wit Dat recurring sketch is awesome.

The first half of the show was pretty much nothing but recurring sketches (color commentary, grady wilson, etc.), and it wasn't that good. Sigourney wasn't a very good host—not good chops.

marisa said...

I'm in agreement with the other posters who have concerns with the writing. I go back and forth in terms of how much I like the show. I thought the digital short was pretty good amd I kind dug the Riley sketch . Could have done without the fifty and freaky skit as well as the Sigourney Weaver apt. sketch at the end. Loved Seth Meyers explaining the late night situation way more than the Larry King Live cold open. The Ting Tings did awesome.

Anonymous said...

The show was pretty rough this week. I liked Update and Laser Cats (of course, it's Laser Cats), but those weren't even that strong. Sigourney did a good job with what she was given. It was nice to see an older (not old) woman host.

I wish they were doing a show this week. They can't afford to lose any momentum.

ginny said...

Weekend Update was amazing Seth Meyers deserves "mvp" even if he was only in one sketch. I thought The Avatar sketch was funny as well.
Better than some this season (January Jones, Blake Lively)
Tings Tings of course was amazing!

Oliver said...

Riley at the dinner table literally put me on the floor with laughter.