Friday, May 14, 2010

Andy Samberg for The F-Word?

Well, perhaps. According to Production Weekly, In Search of A Midnight Kiss director Alex Holdridge is in negotiations to helm The F-Word which would potentially star Andy Samberg. The plot is interesting -

“This movie is basically an R-rated semi-romantic comedy. Wallace and Chantry meet and fall in love. Chantry has a boyfriend, so Wallace is stuck in shitty friend-zone. Chantry has to figure out if she wants to stay with her boyfriend or go with Wallace. Wallace has to figure out a way to show Chantry how he feels about her, without possibly ruining their friendship forever.”

Samberg would play the Wallace character. Whether or not this project goes ahead, I think this is exactly the kind of direction Samberg needs to take. He has the potential to play these kind of (500) Days of Summer-esque leads and he seems to have chops for semi-dramatic stuff - he was the beacon of common sense in I Love You, Man after all. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...This is what I want to see... Andy Samberg in a sort-of-dramatic-performance would complete my life. I've noticed that he does have the potential, from seeing his characters in "I Love You, Man" and in the last few episodes of his own spoof of "The OC", "The 'Bu", I have complete and utter faith in him that he could pull this off... I think if he is taking this role, he should take more... I think he will gain more respect as an actor with more genres under his belt... I can't wait to see this film!