Thursday, May 13, 2010

NBC submits Jon Hamm/Michael Buble for Emmy consideration

NBC has made their Emmy submissions and has selected Jon Hamm/Michael Buble as their submission for Saturday Night Live which will be seeking a nomination in Best Variety/Comedy Series. I like this choice a lot - for me this was the best episode of the season in terms of original sketches (sorry Betty White/Jay-Z). Here are five great things about that episode -

  • Monologue - Emmy voters love Don Draper and Mad Men. Seeing Don Draper in that capacity was hilarious - I mean, "They need to wash they ass." C'MON!
  • Scott Brown - this is one of the few political things that SNL has gotten right this season. Maybe political is too broad a characterisation for this sketch, but it featured political figures and it parodied the hilariously and effectively. You had Robert Byrd, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank - it was excellent.
  • Sergio - My favourite digital short of the season, probably. This worked so well because (a) it was hilarious and (b) there was a bit of storytelling going on, something that's absent from most SNL sketches. It was also impeccably shot and featured saxophone solos, so there's that too.
  • Closet Organiser/Follow-Up - Linear sketch sequence on Saturday Night Live? What?! Both of these installments were hilarious and the pay-off with the second sketch was irresistible. 
  • Hamm/Buble - Arguably the best use of a musical guest in a sketch all season. There was singing by the phenomenally charming Michael Buble and it worked exceedingly well. Jon Hamm played an asshole version of himself too - not afraid to make fun of himself! You love that schtick, Emmy voters!
In a not-so-strong season of SNL, Jon Hamm/Michael Buble was the best example of the heights SNL can reach. Betty White/Jay-Z was the best of the season, but I'm willing to bet that maybe it aired past the submission date? So I'm willing to bet that it'll earn them a nomination, possibly not in writing, but for best series, I think it will. 

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I liked that episode.