Saturday, May 8, 2010

Betty White/Jay-Z - Thoughts

Post your thoughts on the show here after it's aired!
How amazing was tonight's episode? Did Betty White and the SNL alumnae bring their A-game? Did the current cast get a look-in with all the talented guests on the show? Favourite sketch? Worst sketch?
Best SNL of the season?

Comment, comment, comment!


Ellielernsalot said...

So I'm pretty sure she just quadrupled SNL's ratings for the season.

Anonymous said...

SOOOO GOOD! My only problems were that I didn't want it to end and, I agree with you, Rachel Dratch was wayyy underused. I really loved seeing all those ladies back and will horribly miss them next week! I think my favorite sketches were CSI: Sarasota and Census Taker. For the first time in many many many weeks, I'd say there really wasn't a sketch deserving of the worst sketch title. The Lawrence Welk was probably my least favorite, but still too funny to use the word worst.

marisa said...

This week's SNL was great! The only thing that bummed me out is seeing all these great females (Dratch, Fey, Rudolph..)and knowing they won't be on next week. I though Betty White was hilarious in the CSI: Sarasota sketch as well and loved how sweet the digital short was until it made a dark turn into awesome. I would've much preferred seeing Debbie Downer over The Manuel Ortiz Show! I know he Spanish shows are just as tacky and cheesey as portrayed, but once was more than enough.