Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey guys,
SNL Update writer/all-around nice guy Alex Baze has agreed to answer a few, brief questions for the blog! So, dear readers, if you have any questions you would like me to ask Alex Baze, please leave them in the comments below and I'll pick a few of the best to ask him! I'm only taking questions up until early tomorrow morning, so think hard & think fast!
P.S - This is kind of the coup of my life! I started this blog almost two years ago, with the intention of one day getting an interview with someone at SNL, so to have it finally come to fruition is amazing for me!


Charlie said...

How did he get the job writing for SNL?

Jenna said...

What is his favorite part about being a writer for the show? And does he write for Weekend Update exclusively or does he ever contribute to any of the sketches?

Beth said...

What are his writing/comedic influences?
What's his personal process for writing jokes for Update every week?
Favourite WU joke?
Favourite WU feature?
When did he realize he wanted to be a comedy writer?

Hope those help!

Emily said...

I thought of one, haha.
What's his favorite thing he's written since he's been with SNL?
Or something along those lines
Sorry I'm so vague lol

Molly said...

What is one event that was particularly easy to write Update jokes about? Particularly difficult?

They always say that the show is tweaked right up until the moment it runs. What is the latest an Update joke was written that made it onto the live show?

Oliver said...

Do you find yourself constantly seeking punchlines, or do they just come to you? Is there any cast member that you think would be great as an Update co-anchor?