Monday, June 21, 2010

Bill Hader - Narrator of Scott Pilgrim?

So, last week Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright tweeted that he was doing an ADR session with Jason Schwartzman, Garth Jennings and one Bill Hader. This sent the internet into a flurry, as Hader was not one of the billed stars of Scott Pilgrim and so there was much speculation about what Hader's roll entailed.

Well, Wright participated in an LA Film Fest Conversation last night and there, he showed nine minutes of Scott Pilgrim in which it's clear that Bill Hader is serving as a narrator for the film. From Cinema Blend -

 Suddenly, a drawing of Scott pops up on the right side of the screen and a narration begins - most certainly the voice of Bill Hader. Reflecting on his last relationship, the narrator talks about how Scott got his hair cut right before his last girlfriend broke up with him, that it's been more than 400 days since his last haircut, and that he has since been cutting his hair himself.

Mystery solved!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World opens in theaters on August 13. 

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