Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jason Reitman producing adaptation of Simon Rich Novel, "Elliot Alagash"

Well, I reported this a few weeks ago thanks to my Tumblr friend Beth who got the dish on all things Simon Rich at a Q&A a few weeks ago (which you can read here), but now that The Hollywood Reporter is reporting it - well, I can't not report it -

Academy Award nominated director Jason Reitman has optioned the rights to the novel Elliot Alagash written by SNL writer Simon Rich under his film production company Right of Way Films. Reitman will be producing but no word on who will direct the project. Simon Rich will adapt the script.  

I like the Rushmore-type vibe I get from Elliot Alagash anyway so I have high hopes for this as a movie. And if Rich is adapting - well that's got "satire gold" written all over it.

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