Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Andy Samberg to host Lexus Green Debate

Andy Samberg is one of a number of comedians who has signed on to host the Lexus Green Debates. He, along with the likes of Jamie Kennedy and Tracy Morgan, will moderate debates between eco-supporters and climate change deniers. Samberg’s debate will take place tomorrow in Los Angeles and will feature Mine Your Own Business filmmaker Phelim McAleer and founder of the Sundance Channel’s “The Green”, Simran Sethi.

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Anonymous said...

this event is put on by a global warming skeptic who is using lexus (toyota) dollars, platform and brand to push fringe ideology into mainstream automotive/lifestyle media.

so… you buy a lexus. you pay for them to hire climate skeptics to put on a debate of global warming in support of their new hybrid line… make sense?

lexus should be ashamed.