Thursday, July 8, 2010

SNL Picks Up 12 Primetime Emmy Nominations!

Congratulations to SNL which has picked up not one, not two, but a phenomenal twelve Primetime Emmy nominations this year!
The crew were nominated for -

  • Best Variety/Comedy Series
  • Best Writing for a Variety/Comedy Series
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Kristen Wiig)
  • Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Betty White)
  • Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Tina Fey)
  • Best Directing of a Comedy Series (Don Roy King)
  • Best Original Music & Lyrics - Shy Ronnie
And then some other techy ones.
Also, the SNL Documentary " Time And Again - In the 2000's" was nominated for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special. 
Congratulations to all involved! 

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