Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jenny Slate Not Returning?

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva is reporting that Jenny Slate may not be returning this season. Apparently, Abby Elliott was in serious jeopardy but now looks safe to return for this season at least. Slate joined the cast of SNL last season along with Nasim Pedrad and in that time got one recurring character, Tina Tina Chaneuse, on the air and made headlines when she dropped an F-bomb in her first episode. Slate was also featured in great sketches like Pageant Talk, Some Big Shot and Team Edward vs Team Jacob

Obviously we'll have to wait for a confirmation from NBC or someone at the show, but for now, it seems as though we won't be seeing Slate in the opening credits come September 25.

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Jax said...

I think it's pretty much official now. That really sucks for her, I wanted her to do well on the show, but I think it took her a while to get over the screw-up in her first episode. I hope that isn't the reason they are firing her, because that seems kind of unfair, plus she didn't made any mistakes since then.

Being a short-lived cast member isn't always bad though. Look at Casey Wilson, she was just fired last year and is already on a new show, Im really happy for her. And Rob Riggle, crazy that someone as funny as him only last one season. I hope Jenny gets to keep making appearances on Bored to Death at least. I also think Jenny could have a great career in voice acting, her voice is perfect for cartoons!