Saturday, December 18, 2010

Both Vanessa Bayer and Jay Pharoah were cited as being among the best performers of 2010 by The New Yorker. From The New Yorker -

"Vanessa Bayer and Jay Pharaoh on “Saturday Night Live.” They are the two newest cast members to the venerable show, and the most interesting they’ve had in a while. Bayer’s take on a sickly sweet and craven child actor, not to mention her Miley Cyrus, are quickly becoming must-sees for anyone interested in brazen cluelessness, while Pharaoh, if given the right material—a bit of color-blind comedy, say, instead of blacking it up for the show’s writers, who have always dealt with race in a more or less stereotypical way—could evolve into an artist."

Illustration - Puny

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