Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As you all know, today President-Elect Obama will get inaugurated as President of the United States, to the pleasure of the majority of the world. But in times of celebrations, and rejoicing, we forget about those who didn't vote for Obama, and who are awaiting the fall of the United States, and the inevitable implementation of a Communist regime. I bring you, SNL alum Victoria Jackson.
On November 13th, Victoria Jackson wrote:

Because my agent received hateful and threatening phone calls after I expressed my politcal views publicly.... I took her phone number off of my web site. I asked someone why people would be angry with my words. Don't we have freedom of speech? They replied that the "...has some traits that resemble the Antichrist" comment was the phrase most offensive to some people. That word is not a curse word and wasn't meant to be rude or offensive. It is simply a term in eschatology, and I was making an observation. (It's funny that the word "Antichrist" was used in reference to President Bush many times, and no one seemed to mind.)
Americans need to be educated about government, politics, and eschatology (the study of the Biblically referenced "end times"). I need to learn more also, so I am going to study these subjects and report what I learn to whomever will listen. (I am currently reading "What In The World Is Going On" by Dr. David Jeremiah, "Global Warning: Are we on the brink of WWIII?" by LaHaye and Hindson, "Bible Prophecy 101" by Bickel and Jantz, and "Muslims, Christians, and Jesus" by Medearis.)
Voters in our last election did not base their decision on facts or knowledge, but on hype, emotion, peer pressure, and racial fervor. It didn't help that the liberally biased media blocked Americans access to the truth. (Fox News is the only news show that even resembles journalism).

I am pleased to see that Victoria Jackson has retained her sense of humour in what must be a truly traumatic time for her, as you have to be joking when you say Fox News is the only news show that even resembles journalism, right?
I hope you make it through today, Victoria. Just keep thinking of how you can say "I told you so" to the liberal elite media when America becomes a Communist nation.
And please, do keep reporting what you learn to "whomever will listen."

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