Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bradley Cooper/TV On The Radio

I haven't gotten a chance to see the episode, but post a comment and say what you thought! Best of the night/worst of the night/how were the musical guest?

P.S: Sorry about lack of posts this week, SNL wasn't featured in the news particularly. :)


AC said...

I thought the show was pretty good, I wasn't expecting too much beforehand but it exceeded my expectations.

Best: Update-Keenan as James Harrison was great fun, Samberg as Spitz was good. Didn't really enjoy the Bjork bit but glad to see REALLY!?! return.
Worst: The Today sketch, almost a complete copy of the sketch in the Neil Patrick Harris episode.

A good night for Michaela Watkins as she had big parts in 3 sketches and also bit parts in others.

It seemed like a lot of poor camera changes because a number of times it focused on the wrong person or switched to them too soon.

Musical guest was ok, in the first song the guys mikes sounded too quiet and the women in the backgrounds sounded too loud.

Kyle Goetz said...

I wasn't a huge fan of the band. The two singers (the dude with the awesome fro and beard, and the other guy) sounded like they were off-key. The musicianship was fun and interesting, though.