Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Incredibad? More like Incrediboss!

I'm talking about Jorma Taccone, one third of the Lonely Island, who kindly sent me a signed index card complete with advice on how to become a writer (it's my little dream, get over it!) and a miniature drawing of a giraffe.
And! Yes there's more!

It only took one week to get from Ireland to New York back to Ireland.

That's what I call efficient.

Jorma, if you ever stumble upon my fangirl blog, you are totally boss. Incrediboss, even.


Anonymous said...

OOO MMM GGG!!! U R SOOO LUCKY!! I sent him fan mail..but it was RTS!!! what address did u use???? PLEASE TELL ME!!!
i used:
The Lonely Island
c/o Saturday Night Live
30 Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10112

..and it didn't work :(

Anonymous said...

OH!! and did he give good advice??? lol, i love Jorm, so, sorry if i am freakin out on u lol.. LOVE Ur BLOGS!!!

amyfairycakes said...

Hey Anonymous No.1..
I used that address but just addressed it to Jorma, as opposed to the entire Lonely Island.

Anonymous No.2..
He said " go out, buy a video camera and make stuff with your friends! that's all we ever did, and look at us, we're total idiots!"
I do love Jorma.